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This section has guidance on carrying out a Training Needs Analysis of your organisation and promoting learning across the whole organisation.

Before you start

There are some things you can put in place that will make it easier to carry out a Training Needs Analysis. Here are some questions you can ask to help you identify what those are.

    *Do we have a strategic and operational plan?
    *Do we have an appraisal system?
    *Do all staff have up to date job descriptions?
    *Do all staff have written objectives?
    *Do we have a competency framework or use National Occupational Standards?
    *Do we have a training strategy or statement of committment supporting training and learning?
    *Do we have effective formal and informal consultation processes across the organisation?
    *The more questions you can answer ‘yes’ to the easier it will be to carry out, implement and evaluate a Training Needs Analysis.

We have developed a diagnostic tool to help you identify and meet organisational training needs. This identifies the organisational processes that support training and learning and signposts you to external resources that can help you plug any gaps.

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