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Buy learning materail for SETA and QCTO 7540

Simply complete the contact form below and our network partners will contact you directly. Alternatively you can also email your requirements to buy @ Buy learning material for SETA We save you time, money, the frustration of finding exactly what you are looking for and the uncertainty of not knowing whether your purchases will meet your requirements. Buy learning material for SETA With nearly a decade in specialised development experience, we are able to offer cost-effective and industry leading Training Material solutions that meets only the highest in quality standards. Buy learning material for SETA We create learning / course material to assist training providers to gain accreditation for skills programmes (using individual unit standards) and for full qualifications. Buy learning material for SETA The materials are created in individual unit standard and/or integrated learning modules in learning material sets. Each learning material set consists of the following: Learner Guide. Learner Workbook (formative assessment). Learner Portfolio of Evidence Guide (summative assessment). Facilitator Guide with Memorandum. Assessor Assessment Guide with Memorandum. Assessor Feedback Document. Moderation Plan, Guide and Report. Programme Curriculum, Strategy and Alignment document.Optional extra: PowerPoint slides can be created at an additional cost. Buy learning material for SETA Our team of professional programme developers are supported by qualified facilitators, assessors and moderators, to ensure that the standard and customised programmes meet our clients’ specific training and development needs. Buy learning material for SETA Get a quote for learning material here

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