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Buy learning materail for SETA and QCTO 7526

TRAINYOUCAN does not sell course material, but we can connect you to our preferred network partners with years of experience in this field. Buy learning material for SETA Corporate Courseware is a group of training material developers and associates who specialise in different fields in the education and training industry. Buy learning material for SETA Training Development Services specialises in the supply of only the highest standard in quality Training Material packages. Buy learning material for SETA The overall objective of our Material is to provide training and development learning material solutions to clients in all of Africa in the form of standard, customised and public learning programmes / workshops. Buy learning material for SETA We have supplied material to various training providers that have successfully gained their accreditation, using our material. Buy learning material for SETA Please note that we cannot sell “accredited training material” as the accreditation processes of the SETAs are linked to the individual training providers and the training provider’s Quality Management System, rollout plans, etc. We can therefore only supply you with “Accreditation Ready” material and we undertake to correct the material to meet the requirements of the various SETAs, as the training provider goes through the accreditation process and receives feedback from the SETA verifier. Buy learning material for SETA Get a quote for learning material here

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